Tibbs' FAQs

We're not like other theaters. Its only natural you'd have some questions. Consider this your self-help guide on how to be a cool cat.

You have questions. We have answers.

  • 01 Do you show movies if its raining?
    Yes! We show movies rain or starlight. The only time we close down is if weather poses a danger to our customers or crew or if we lose power.
  • 02 Can the sound be accessed via phone app?
    No, the movie sound is not streamed online, so there isn't a radio app that would work. You need a physical FM radio receiver. We recommend using your cars radio or a portable radio.
  • 03 Will listening to movies drain my car battery?
    If your battery is in good shape you should be just fine. However, if you do find yourself low on power, our parking staff will be happy to assist you with jump boxes until the concession building closes (10 minutes after the last scheduled movie for that evening).
  • 04 Do you offer gift certificates?
    We do! There is a link to purchase digital gift cards on our home page.
  • 05 What can I use a “Free Carload Pass” for?
    Free Carloads or Promotional Passes are available to use on regularly scheduled/priced movie evenings, only! All special events require separate ticketing.
  • 06 Do you allow dogs?
    Yes! We love puppies. They will need to bring their responsible humans, a leash, and supplies for any cleanup needs. Only medically necessary service dogs are allowed in the concession stand.
  • 07 Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept all major credit cards at the box office and in the concession stand. We also accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • 08 Do you offer Open Captions?
    We do! On select evenings. Not all movies have the content, but we'll show any that are available. Check our show times on the schedule page for Open Caption indicators.
  • 09 Can I bring my own food?
    Yes, however we'd like to mention that concession sales is how theaters keep their lights on. Let us also add that our concessions are priced well below a typical movie theater. And funnel fries. We'd like to also mention funnel fries.
07/15/2024 08:25:17 pm